The Kitchen inside the Shabby Chic Tiny Retreat

I have such a great time searching for vintage treasures to decorate my little retreat. Not only do I find pleasure in repurposing and recycling but I experience a certain contentment knowing that I was part of the salvation of a discarded piece. I like to imagine what it’s previous life was like and find new ways to use it again. I especially love old, worn, abused and rusty items. With vision and TLC they can serve a new purpose.” – Tonita

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5 thoughts on “The Kitchen inside the Shabby Chic Tiny Retreat”

  1. Sundy Stover-Burton

    this is beautiful! Watched a doc on your movement the other day. It changed my views on space

  2. I am just loving this tiny world of small homes! I am in the foot work of building my own! These are BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Love this sooooooo much. Is this a group of Timy Houses? Where is it? I live in a Park Model which I love to decorate in Shabby Chic.

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