Macy’s Tiny House

It is 196 s.f. .  My house is built on the bed of a 24′ long (8 foot wide) flatbed trailer.  It is built on a trailer not as much to be mobile so much as to have a work around from building permits and codes.  Not that my house is unsafe by any means, I just saved the money that most people pay for building permits, I now have to go through the DMV and pay their fees associated (a lot less) to get the house licensed.  I am using reclaimed/recycled/leftover materials for the most part.  I have designed this all myself and have been constructing it with the help of my dad and my boyfriend, in my spare time.” – Macy

See more recent photos (including interior photos) of this tiny house at minimotives. You can also follow Macy on Facebook.

Photo by Marc Walters Photography.

Monimotives ComfyMacy's Tiny House - Interior View Macy's Tiny House - Kitchen

12 thoughts on “Macy’s Tiny House

  1. Renee Mysliwiec says:

    I LOVE this!! It is very inspiring. I woud love to see the interior and know how you built it. Thanks for sharing! =)

  2. ryan browne says:

    Hey great job that house is incredible! I’ve been thinking about doing a similar style with the roof. Do you know what the slope is? Thank you and keep up the great work 🙂

  3. Cherae says:

    Beautiful job, Macy! My tiny house is totally different from yours, but I love the sleek, clean lines and your use of space. Well done!

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