Off-Grid Float Cabin: Retirement Tiny Dream Home in BC Wilderness

Great off-grid retirement story.

“Margy and Wayne Lutz were camping in Coastal British Columbia when they discovered their dream home: the float cabins of Powell Lake. They’re not houseboats, but “float cabins”, that is, they’re permanently anchored to shore.

The Lutz’s bought their retirement home in 2001 for 35,000 Canadian dollars (about $25,000 USD, at the time), what they considered worth the risk if their experiment in off-grid living didn’t workout.”

See more at Off-grid float cabin: retirement tiny dream home in BC wilderness – YouTube.

1 thought on “Off-Grid Float Cabin: Retirement Tiny Dream Home in BC Wilderness”

  1. Jennifer Joy

    Wayne & Margie are living just about every bit of my own retirement dream! Small home, check! Floating… on a lake no less, check! With a vegetable garden… check! Able to work/write from home, check! And all the rustic features of taking a permanent vacation, with just enough modern convenience for a civilized lifestyle, check! I would be tempted to add a couple of detached bedrooms (100-250sqft cabins) for friends & family to visit.

    And I agree wholeheartedly with the practice of skipping the cruise/vacation (&/or flashy flat-screen, latest gadget, brand name bling, etc) and apply those funds toward a functional lifestyle of leisure. Even the added work that is inherent in maintaining gardens, composting toilet, and a structure exposed to extreme elements, is a labor of love. Learning to redefine what we think of as reward for our time/energy/labor enables the kind of transition seen here.
    Thank you so very much for sharing this inspiring tour of the Lutz home and gardens!
    Would love to learn more about the process and experience of making this Hole in the Wall happen!

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