Oljetanken – Small Oil Tank Home

Our home used to be an oil tank, we have now transformed it into a modern home over three floors. The oil tank is located on Skrova, an island off the Lofoten town of Svolvaer.

The tank is perched on a hill overlooking some of the most impressive views of lofoten, it invites both inspiration and creativity, as well as silence and reflection.

A magnificent view surrounds it on all sides. Are you an artist, writer, musician? Or someone who just needs a quiet place of work for a time? Then this is simply perfect.” – oljetanken

See more of this Oil Tank Home…

Thanks to Anders for sending this my way!

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  1. I absolutely loved the pictures of your home. I really liked all of the white and all of the bright colors. This is my kind of home. Great job. Well done.

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