Vina’s Tiny House

My design has approximately 140 sf of living space (based on the trailer size, 20’ long x 8’ wide) and the structure will be self-sufficient. Using portable solar panels, my tiny house will be off the grid and will employ passive solar heating and cooling principles. The interior will have highly insulated walls and ceilings and heated with a propane gas fireplace. There will be a sleeping loft with a large skylight to let me view the moon and stars at night.” –  Sol Haus Design.

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10 thoughts on “Vina’s Tiny House”

  1. MotherLodeBeth

    It’s the light coloured wood and crisp clean lines of the entire place that I so love. Has a Swedish feel that I also love. Beautiful. Well thought out.

  2. Can these be towed by an SUV or do you need a heavier truck? How much $$$

    1. Not sure about this one but most tiny homes will weigh more than 5000 pounds, sometimes 6000-8000 pounds. So in most cases you’re better off using a full size truck.

  3. Lori Guillard

    I LOVE the house and concept, but am very nervous about that wood stove and the fact that it’s not sitting on a stone platform. Embers from that stove WILL be getting on the wood floor, which could prove disastrous. Best of luck!

  4. I would love to make one of the trailer models for my backyard any plans to look at.
    Also I need 3 separate plans in the. 500 sqft range for housing people trying to get back on their feet.
    Is there anyone in Oregon that can guide me?

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