Ynez Tiny House by The Oregon Cottage Company

The Ynez design developed from a clients request for a larger loft and specific kitchen layout in mind. We are so glad she brought her great ideas and came our way! We started from the Siskiyou design, removed the porch, added a utility room, deck, and enlarged the loft.” – Tiny House Swoon

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8 thoughts on “Ynez Tiny House by The Oregon Cottage Company”

  1. paula bartoletti

    first love the houses, I live in about a 1000 sq ft mobile home and where can I find that kind of sink

  2. Nice, do you have any with curved woodwork? Perhaps fold down furniture options. Love the loft

  3. I think this one and all the others are great designs. I am totally encouraging my daughters to invest in these Tiny Houses so once they have graduate from college, they won’t be in such of a large debt and living simple will keep them from having to accumulating stuff they really don’t need. College students are the perfect target.

  4. Just a suggestion,I would like a waterbed type bottom for the bed with an attached headboard with lights and shelves in the center,On the sides small closets ceiling to floor,This type of set up all comes un-assembled and you can take it up stairs very easily..and assemble in it 30 minutes,don’t need a box spring the boards under bed work as one ,just have a mattress..Otherwise its very nice..under the bed would be be drawers on each side.
    Also I would turn the bed the opposite way so I would have rm for 2 small setting chairs..

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