3 thoughts on “Plastic Crates + Zip Ties = Tiny House”

  1. so other than a demonstration model, do what? fill the inside of each crate with foam insulation? what’s the strength of the walls, can a roof frame of some sort be laid on top? How could it be made into a real house?

    1. Great questions. I think it’s just a fun school project. But it made me think that someone would easily invent a container, that stacks like cups AND like bricks, and be filled with dirt on site. So imagine something like this but packed tight as components on a pallet – then assembled and filled with dirt. If the units were fastened together more firmly it might be a great way to build earthen walls fast. I think I might draw this idea and post it at Tiny House Design. Maybe someone will try building it.

  2. looks pretty kewl. love the creativity of using easily-bricked thin plastic-walled containers together to form a structure. one wonders whether adding an appropriate cob-straw mix filling (and and using a wall sealant) with these box structures (maybe have the wall two box thick) might actually be a fast and easy way to make a cob house.

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