Portland Declares Stay on Tiny House Evictions

Lina Menard reached out to me to let us know that Portland, Oregon has taken a huge step toward making tiny houses legal. Here’s what she said”

Good news from Portland today! Yesterday I was at the Sanctuary Assembly where City Commissioner Chloe Eudaly announced a stay on evictions of people from tiny homes and RVs on private property. This is an important first step in legalizing tiny homes which are now officially “pre-legal.” The next step, of course, is to create regulations that would make them legal. I plan to be part of the effort and I’ll keep you posted.

We can’t wait to hear more! Go Portland!!! Go Lina!!! Go Tiny House Legalization!!!


Are you in Portland in a tiny house? Read about how the new guidelines applies to you at Lina’s Niche Consulting.

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Pictured here is Lina in front of The Lucky Penny, her first tiny house. Photo credit: Tiny House Giant Journey