Quality Over Quantity – Esther & Kenny Living Less is More

Many people feel instantly drawn to tiny houses, seeing freedom and simplicity. But meanwhile, material culture struggles to understand the appeal, because it assumes we all have the same priorities: financial success, and the freedom to buy anything we want.  Material culture scratches it’s head and asks, “Why choose less when you could choose more?”” – Unlikely Lives

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1 thought on “Quality Over Quantity – Esther & Kenny Living Less is More”

  1. The reason I’m looking at tiny houses is because I live in one: a mid-century carriage house converted from a one-car garage, poorly insulated, but a great floor plan.

    I realized when I moved in that half the stuff I moved from my large condo, I hadn’t used and didn’t need to OWN.

    It was challenging to get rid of stuff (CLOTHES AND SHOES), but once it was gone, I wasn’t in a hurry to replace it, and I’m very conscious of what comes home: if I can’t eat, drink or borrow it, do I really need it?

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