Tranquil Modern Studio in Downtown Boise, Idaho

Modeled with one eye to a Zen tea room and one eye to a Woodsman’s cottage, this modern studio embodies the restorative and the creative (Thank you Gravitas & Green Remodel).” –

via Tranquil Modern Studio – Downtown in Boise.

Tiny House set in backyard.


Trapdoor makes getting into the loft fun, but not for everyone.

Ample kitchen counters for a tiny space.

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  1. Roger Lehet, the inventor of The Kimberly Stove will be in Nampa Saturday November 1st at 2:00 pm to show and explain why The Kimberly Stove is the answer to heating your tiny house with a wood stove. The Kimberly Stove is perfect for Tiny Houses. For more information call 208-615-6331. Event will be held at Fortress Storage, 59 N Happy Valley Road, Nampa, ID.

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