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Handmade Idaho Sheep Wagons

“Kim Vader’s family began herding sheep in Idaho in the early 1900s. Eight years ago, his sister wanted a wagon to use as a guesthouse that would pay homage to their sheep ranching grandfather. Vader, having spent 3 decades as a craftsman, agreed to build her one with his wife Kathy. Word of their build […]

Tranquil Modern Studio in Downtown Boise, Idaho

Modeled with one eye to a Zen tea room and one eye to a Woodsman’s cottage, this modern studio embodies the restorative and the creative (Thank you Gravitas & Green Remodel).” – Airbnb.com via Tranquil Modern Studio – Downtown in Boise. Tiny House set in backyard.   Trapdoor makes getting into the loft fun, but not […]

Inside an Idaho Garden Caravan

A 200 square feet caravan in Sandpoint, Idaho. More info. here.” – Tiny House Swoon See more of the Garden Caravan.

Tiny r(E)volution – Interview with Stacey Whitcomb

I remember running away from home when I was three in the middle of dinner, in the middle of winter in Montana. Dad was teasing me and I gave him a warning but he didn’t believe me. Down the stairs and out the front door I flew. I could hear my mom chewing his ear […]

A Tiny House Story

A tiny house construction story captured in this video slideshow. The home is located in Idaho. “We started our Tiny House project in the spring of 2010 in our shop building using a car trailer that we already had.  Mike welded a couple extra support beams on it then began building the deck and flooring. […]

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