Handmade Idaho Sheep Wagons

“Kim Vader’s family began herding sheep in Idaho in the early 1900s. Eight years ago, his sister wanted a wagon to use as a guesthouse that would pay homage to their sheep ranching grandfather. Vader, having spent 3 decades as a craftsman, agreed to build her one with his wife Kathy.

Word of their build got around and today, they’ve built, or rebuilt, 50 wagons for modern shepherds and those looking for a more original second home. Each wagon is custom and takes them 3 months (with 3 people working) to complete. They often build for the descendants of sheep ranchers who are looking to recreate some of their family history. ” – Fair Companies

Visit the Idaho Sheep Camp website for all the details. Read and see more on the Fair Companies website.


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  1. I love your Sheep Herders Cabins! Can you tell me how much would one cost? I live in California and would love one to live in. Thank you for any info. Tonja

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