Eight Rooms in this 215 Square Foot Apartment

This house by MYCC Architecture Office has a foot print of 20 m2/ 215 ft2 and a volume of a 100 m3/ 3531 ft3. It consists of large number of narrow rooms that are connected to each other visually. The layout of the apartment is reminiscent of old computer games platforms, where you jump from one platform to another.” – Living in a shoebox

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4 thoughts on “Eight Rooms in this 215 Square Foot Apartment”

  1. godiva de maus

    This home would never meet code… esp. where you’re using a rolling desk chair on a floor that has no barrier to sliding right off the edge.

  2. Way to lose faith in humanity and the use of our brains people – Here’s a simple fix, replace the chair with one without wheels, and then focus on the architecture and design of the space! It’s an excellent example of creating multiple living areas within the space available.

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