Rustic & Luxurious 400-Sq-Ft Tiny House

It is 400 square-feet, packed with plenty of imaginative design, and — that’s right — it’s got wheels. Brought to you by the experts on the FYI Network’s Tiny House Nation get ready to take a gander at this stunner…” –

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13 thoughts on “Rustic & Luxurious 400-Sq-Ft Tiny House”

    1. Kainoa Laikupu

      I love this layout. Nice size kitchen, bedroom, bath room and living area with a porch. Wondering how much something likes this runs…..

  1. I love the looks of this. Have no idea how much this would be. Would not be interested in 3 bedrooms but a loft for one would be great. Overall, beautiful home. I am not sure I would want to move it all around, but it could be moved to a new location I suppose. Great house, I enjoyed seeing it. Karen House

    1. Karen,
      you can do may options, on lofts and bedrooms. the great thing about it being portable and movable is there are really no restrictions except for the clearance on the roads width wise and height wise, but if you build it as a portable but permanent structure you can do exactly what this family did with theres. millions of web sites on the internet to look at to get ideas


  2. Larry St Croix

    Is it safe to assume that this is a park model? Approximately 10′ wide? Heavier than can be towed by a pickup? I find articles that have purely fluff photos and very little practical information frustrating. What’s with the tent like dust catcher draperies over the beds? Is that supposed to be luxurious? Luxurious is real stairs up, not a ladder. Ppft.

  3. vonda linderman

    I love this are there more pics ? And what is the design name. Thank you for sharing

  4. I saw this house on an episode of Tiny House Nation. It belongs to a family that has 2 children. That is who the loft bedrooms are for. It’s not their
    permanent residence.

  5. I have seen this on another website somewhere as part of a community you can stay in it. Would be helpful to have that kind of info as othersoon have said. This is a house I could see myself living in!

  6. Krista Saunders

    Can someone please comment with more information about this style house? I absolutely love it and would love some more pictures and info about how to find something like this in my area (southeastern Michigan). I also am not particularly looking for something mobile but to put on a couple acres of land! Thanks in advance, Krista


    Looking to find actually building plans for this home. Is there a place I could purchase the plans to build this home for me and my son?

    1. Did you ever find out info for this? If not, you should do a search for “Tiny House Nation Project” on Houzz; that provides the info about who made the house, and other details. I hope that helps 🙂

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