Safmarine Container Sports Center by Tsai Design Studio

Here’s a single container building used as a sports center that could easily be a small home. I really like the second metal roof. Shipping containers are water tight but a second roof like this can keep it cooler on hots days and help lengthen the building’s life.

‘safmarine container sports center’ is a recycled shipping container transformed into a communal athletic space in piketberg, south africa by cape town-based tsai design studio.

via tsai design studio: safmarine container sports center.

Image credit to Tsai Design Studio.

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  1. Nice roof. Quite practical for a small crew or even one person to construct and erect. You could preserve container space by using exterior insulation, taking advantage of your protective roof which would enhance the effectiveness of commercial roof coatings which could be applied to the outside of the ISO container.

    Two ISOs with such roofs extended to bridge (desired distance) between them would provide useful covered shelter with space for work or leisure between them.

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