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More Details on the Sukup SafeT Home

Sukup safety director Brett Nelson give a brief overview of the Sukup SafeT Home which was developed as a form of alternative housing following the devastating earthquakes in Haiti.” – Sukup SafeT Home Construction photos below from the Global Compassion Network

Earthbag Projects in Haiti

Two earthbag home projects are underway in Haiti and are being blogged about at blog.konbitshelter.org and howsitgoinginhaiti.blogspot.com. Read more about these Earthbag Projects in Haiti on the Earthbag Building Blog.

University of Maryland students head to Haiti

Some students from the University of Maryland will be spending a week in Haiti demonstrating how to build these sturdy earthbag shelters. Earthbag Shelter Training

Cabins for Haiti

This is a prototype of a flat pack cabin being built for deployment to Haiti. The plan is to setup a factory near Port-au-Prince and donate 1,000 of these homes to Haiti. Cabins for Haiti

Haiti House

Here’s an interesting housing solution, a flat pack home that measures 7′ 6″ wide by 18′ 6″ long. It’s lightweight and has a strong steel structure. One of the coolest features is that it sets up in 15 minutes without power tools. Thanks for the tip David! Haiti House, a flat pack home

Spontaneous Architecture Challenge: Rebuild Haiti

Designers are uniting to come up with ideas for rebuilding Haiti. This competition is not just focused on architecture though, they are looking at the big picture from infrastructure to institutions. Spontaneous Architecture Challenge: Rebuild Haiti

ShelterBoxes Arrive in Haiti

ShelterBox is a self contained survival kit complete with a 10-person tent specially designed to withstand extreme and rugged conditions. Take a look at the complete list of items included in the ShelterBox and learn more about how ShelterBox is helping in Haiti. ShelterBoxes Arrive in Haiti

Humanitarian Architecture for Haiti

Haiti is on a lot of peoples’ minds right now and I know I’m not alone in trying to find a way to help. I’ve got a fund raising/design idea cooking on my front burner and hope to make it a reality soon, but in the mean time I wanted to share a list of […]

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