Earthbag Projects in Haiti

Two earthbag home projects are underway in Haiti and are being blogged about at blog.konbitshelter.org and howsitgoinginhaiti.blogspot.com. Read more about these Earthbag Projects in Haiti on the Earthbag Building Blog.

Haiti House

Here’s an interesting housing solution, a flat pack home that measures 7′ 6″ wide by 18′ 6″ long. It’s lightweight and has a strong steel structure. One of the coolest features is that it sets up in 15 minutes without power tools. Thanks for the tip David! Haiti House, a flat pack home

ShelterBoxes Arrive in Haiti

ShelterBox is a self contained survival kit complete with a 10-person tent specially designed to withstand extreme and rugged conditions. Take a look at the complete list of items included in the ShelterBox and learn more about how ShelterBox is helping in Haiti. ShelterBoxes Arrive in Haiti