More Details on the Sukup SafeT Home

Sukup safety director Brett Nelson give a brief overview of the Sukup SafeT Home which was developed as a form of alternative housing following the devastating earthquakes in Haiti.” – Sukup SafeT Home

Construction photos below from the Global Compassion Network

4 thoughts on “More Details on the Sukup SafeT Home”

  1. It would be terribly hot in that climate. Sand bag or earthen buildings would be more comfortable.

    1. For hot climates, perforated areas near the base to allow a chimney effect during the heat of day would keep it much cooler. A sliding cover over each “vent” would be closed on cooler nights if needed.

  2. Sean Clipsham

    The Safe T Home shown above looks remarkably similar to a design that is found at the following link. This design has been copyrighted for many years. The similarity of this design to “The Safe T House is certainly a remarkable conincidence. The designer at the above website has done extensive work over the years to create insulated versions that maintain even temperatures and use minimal energy for heating in cold and warm climates. As can be seen on this site, the designer has developed multiple uses and applications and variations on the design. The creative use of the grain bin form can be used not only for simple, quick housing creation, it can also be used in commercial applications and additional modules can be added as needed.
    I am sure that the designer of the structures pictured at would be able to provide some interesting perspectives on the origin of this building’s design.

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