A Classic Dogtrot House

I’ve been working on a new set of tiny house plans that are inspired by historic dogtrot houses like this on that I found on GreatBuildings.com. A dogtrot is a small house divided in two with a breezeway between the two halves. The purpose of this design was to keep the house cool in hot humid climates.

The plans I’m drawing up will be about 40-pages in length, cost $9.99 and will be available soon at Tiny House Design. To learn more about dogtrots in general read this article about dogtrot houses at wikipedia.

Tiny Solar House Plans

This past week I published a set of tiny house plans for tiny solar house. It’s a little 8′ by 12′ saltbox that can be built in multiple units so the owner builder can build a larger home (12×16, 12×24, 12×32, etc) from the same set of plans. The 40-page plans cost $9.99 and can be ordered online and downloaded to your computer.

Tiny Solar House Plans

Tiny Houses Plans Turning Up Everywhere

One of my readers, Mark, sent me a link to this cool little house plan. It’s only 262 square feet and is a design being sold at a mainstream house plan website. It’s a great little design concept that looks a lot like a cross between a fire lookout tower and an old water tower. I’m still suffering from sticker shock at the price of the plans but still inspired by the design. Thanks again for sending this my way Mark!

Tiny Tower House

Tiny House Plan Sales

There are two tiny house plan sales going on right now I thought you might like to know about. The first are the plans for Jay Shafer’s smallest tiny house design, the XS-House. Jay lived in a house of this design for a year and if you’re extremely frugal I suspect it would work nicely for you too. For those needing a little more space than 65 square feet, Sheldon Designs is offering big discounts on all their plans.

Please note that some of these discounts are good for this weekend only.

Tiny Solar House

Bill Brooks is making great progress on his tiny solar house built from the free house plans I offer on Tiny House Design. It’s especially exciting for me to see one of my designs come together. When Bill is done with this house he plans to take it on an extended trip up to Alaska. Follow Bill on Twitter

Bill’s Tiny Solar House

Tiny Prefab – eBook & Plans

I was so busy finishing up my first tiny house ebook last week I failed to publish Tiny House Living. Sorry about that. The ebook is a 65 page downloadable PDF that includes the plans ans assembly instructions for a panelized prefab building system a do-it-yourselfer could build with common building materials. It’s $27 and includes free updates.

Tiny Prefab – eBook & Plans