A Classic Dogtrot House

I’ve been working on a new set of tiny house plans that are inspired by historic dogtrot houses like this on that I found on GreatBuildings.com. A dogtrot is a small house divided in two with a breezeway between the two halves. The purpose of this design was to keep the house cool in hot humid climates.

The plans I’m drawing up will be about 40-pages in length, cost $9.99 and will be available soon at Tiny House Design. To learn more about dogtrots in general read this article about dogtrot houses at wikipedia.

2 thoughts on “A Classic Dogtrot House”

  1. I am glad to read of the new book. I have had an attraction to dog-trot houses for years and have been playing with different plans based on their simple idea. Looking forward to seeing your take on it. Anything with a focus on indoor/outdoor interaction and blurring those lines would be a great way to double or triple a living space without increasing the actual house footprint.

  2. have loved the look of dogtrots, having lived in 2 different ones growing up, i always thought to build one, using french doors to close the trot leaving it as a living room. please email me when the book comes out

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