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Release Your Inner Surfer – Tiny House Design

Here’s a bit more about the Anchor Bay… I’ve been wanting to draw a tiny house with a shed roof that actually took advantage of the shape to make the house more aerodynamic. The house is still very tall, so no where near as aerodynamic as an Airstream trailer, but Airstreams also don’t have massive […]

New Design – Navarro 20

We’ve got a new design available, the Navarro 20. It’s a 20-foot tiny house plan with a shed roof. Four large windows let tons of light into the house and make this design ideal for a locating in a place with a great view. The high ceiling, big windows, and single large room would add to the […]

12 Pack of Tiny House Plans Giveaway – HAS ENDED

UPDATE: Sorry, This ended Sunday July 26, 2015 at 12 noon PST. Congrats to the winner, John in Rowlett, TX. Enter for a chance to win a 12 Pack of Plans for Tiny Houses on Wheels. These plans are made to be easy to read & follow – like tiny house building instructions. They show all the […]

Tiny House Living Bundle [OFFER HAS ENDED]

Last month a tiny house fellow named Karol Gajda contacted me with an idea for a tiny house project he was working on. It’s called the Tiny House Living Bundle. The bundle includes 27 Tiny House Living Plans and Guides. The regular retail price for these items is $345.29, but will be just $49 for 5 days! Inside […]

Cozy Cabin Plans from Mother Earth News

Anyone with basic carpentry skills can construct this classic one-room cabin for under $4,000.” – Mother Earth News Learn more about what it takes to Build This Cozy Cabin.


Incredible tiny house designs at THE small HOUSE CATALOG. “My husband Shawn, a designer-drafter for THE small HOUSE CATALOG, and I currently live in about 200 square feet. We designed and built the house ourselves to live in as a builder’s cottage while we decided what and whether to build on our lot. Far from being […]

Free Plan Sets for Tiny Houses

Deek shares some free tiny house plans he found. “Here’s a lil’ list of FOUR free sets of tiny house, cabin, and/or shed plans- ones that I feel are pretty decent- well, ESPECIALLY considering the price!” Find them at Relaxshacks.com: SIX FREE PLAN SETS for Tiny Houses/Cabins/Shedworking Offices….  

Dan’s Tiny House Plans

Dan built a tiny house for his mom and now he’s put his learnings into a set of plans and an ebook. Dan’s Tiny House Plans

The Hermit DeLuxe Plans

Joe Chipman has come up with a new design, this time for an 8′ by 20′ tiny house on wheels. This design has not been built yet but construction will begin soon on the first one. The Hermit DeLuxe Plans

Wilderness Earthbag Cabin

Owen Geiger recently posted this small cabin design on his Earthbag House Plans website.  It’s only 283 square feet and features a bathroom, kitchen, living space, and a sleeping loft. This may also be one of the designs to appear in Owen’s future coming house plans book. Wilderness Earthbag Cabin

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