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Life Cube – Inflatable Tiny Home

This is a clever idea. It’s a tiny emergency shelter that comes in a 4’x4’x4′ box that can be rolled by hand to the desired location for setup. The total interior space is 144 square feet. Life Cube – Inflatable Tiny Home

Haiti House

Here’s an interesting housing solution, a flat pack home that measures 7′ 6″ wide by 18′ 6″ long. It’s lightweight and has a strong steel structure. One of the coolest features is that it sets up in 15 minutes without power tools. Thanks for the tip David! Haiti House, a flat pack home

Spontaneous Architecture Challenge: Rebuild Haiti

Designers are uniting to come up with ideas for rebuilding Haiti. This competition is not just focused on architecture though, they are looking at the big picture from infrastructure to institutions. Spontaneous Architecture Challenge: Rebuild Haiti


Here’s a cool concept for disaster relief housing. These little housing units are inspired by stacking cups and actually fit together just like stacked cups for easy transportation. These little units are estimated to cost about $5000 each. I’d love to see some of these manufactured for homeless shelters. EXO HOUSE

A House for Khayelitsha – Update

I posted an update of the design for A House for Khayelitsha on Tiny House Design. It measures 16′ by 16′ (5 meters by 5 meters), has a sleeping loft, and simple passive solar design. The structure is made up of simple 2×4 and plywood panels. I’m working to finish the plans quickly so that […]

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