Do You Dream of Living Debt Free in the Desert?

Kirsten Dirksen visited John Wells at The Field Lab in the middle of nowhere, Texas. The nearest stoplight is 160 miles away from John’s place, and he prefers it that way. This video tour with Kirsten was made a few years ago, but John is still living happily debt-free in the desert.

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Drinking Rainwater

John Wells lives in a tiny house in the desert… at The Field Lab. In this friday video he shows us how simple it is to filter rainwater. Sure… you could buy a Berkey and do the same thing… but as usual, John shows us the simpler, cheaper, and better way. Learn more about The Field Lab.

Fascination Fuels A Life Off The Grid for John Wells

My monthly expenses here are like $200, and everything’s paid for – no mortgage. Now I don’t have to think about my bills when I get up in the morning, which is a really nice feeling.” – John Wells via Unlikely Lives

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Shipping Container House Construction Continues at The Field Lab

John Wells continues to make progress on his shipping container house at the field lab. The large building behind his work area is a greenhouse John built from four shipping containers and a lot of welding. Photo credit to John Wells.

“Yanked my stud starts out of the container, rebuilt the east wall, lined it with the radiant barrier and wedged it back in place.”

via The Field Lab: just a puddle….

Shipping Container House Construction Begins

John Wells at The Field Lab has started building a new tiny living space inside one of his shipping containers.

“Got started on the studs today.  Only thing I would have done different with my present house is – 2×6 instead of 2×4 studs allowing for more insulation and the addition of a radiant barrier.  Gonna beef it up this time.  The hardest part is getting started – after that, there’s no turning back till the job is done.”

via The Field Lab: studs.

The Grub Shack

I’m an avid follower of the events unfolding at The Field Lab in southwest Texas. John Wells has been making steady progress on welding up the steel arches for his 4-shipping container based green house.

John regularly mentions the important things in his life, his friend Benita (a volunteer pet longhorn), and his favorite local eating establishment, The Grub Shack.

This was the first time I’d seen a photo of the now famed gourmet eating establishment. I think this might be the first tiny restaurant I’ve posted on any of my websites. I had to include a full size photo here so you could get a good look. Love it! Happy One-Year-In-Business Anniversary Betty!

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The Field Lab – Update

John Wells at The Field Lab has been making slow steady progress on his greenhouse. His home is a tiny 8′ by 16′ tiny house specially built to survive the extreme heat the southwestern Texas desert can deliver. His greenhouse will be made from shipping containers with a roof of welded steel trusses. He’s doing all the work himself including raising the giant handmade steel trusses into place. Be sure to watch this video on YouTube that shows how he lifts one of the trusses into place.

The Field Lab