john wells

The Field Lab, Terlingua, Texas

John Wells went into the desert of Southwest Texas as an experiment, an experiment in living by facing challenges that most of us never consider, like how much water you get from a rainstorm or whether wind or solar is a better option.” – adventure journal via Weekend Cabin: Field Lab, Terlingua, Texas

Off-Grid Cooling – Pepino II

John Wells at The Field Lab has been busy reworking the design for the off-grid swamp cooler he calls the Pepino II. This time around he’s using an Igloo cooler as the housing. Off-Grid Cooling – Pepino II

The Grub Shack

I’m an avid follower of the events unfolding at The Field Lab in southwest Texas. John Wells has been making steady progress on welding up the steel arches for his 4-shipping container based green house. John regularly mentions the important things in his life, his friend Benita (a volunteer pet longhorn), and his favorite local …

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