Homesteader’s Cabin v.2 – Updated Free House Plan

One of the most popular free tiny house plans I offer is the Homesteader’s Cabin. It’s a 12′x24′ house with a 12/12 roof and a loft. The lower level has enough space for a small kitchen, bathroom, laundry closet, and living room. The loft can span half the house giving you a high ceiling in the living room or you can choose to build a full second floor for more space. Also included is a design for a space-saving alternating step ships ladder.

Download the plans  PDF Version (18+MB file may take some time to open)

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An Aerodynamic Tiny House Design

It’s designed to be built on top of a 20-foot flatbed trailer. It has a small porch so you can find your keys without standing in the rain. Just inside the front door is a small bathroom on the left and a floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinet on the right. Just past the small entry hallway the room opens up into a small kitchen on the left with a shallow counter on the right.

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Exploring Rendering SketchUp Drawings with Podium V2

 I’ve been playing with a SketchUp plugin called Podium V2 that helps you make more photo realistic images of your SketchUp drawings. I’m just getting my feet wet with this sort of thing but so far I’ve been very happy to find how easy it is to make slick looking images.

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