Jenna’s Top 10 Reasons Why Tiny House Living Stinks

Jenna shares her top 10 list of things she wish she knew before going tiny. Here’s the cliff notes:

  1. You’ll be cleaning constantly. It’s easy to clean a tiny house, but it’s just as easy to mess it up.
  2. Composting toilets are a trick to learn. You also have to explain how to use them to guests.
  3. Making the bed in a loft is tough.
  4. Smells are intensified – the good and the bad, they are all intense.
  5. Tight space for guests. So it’s tricky to have a lot of people over socially and anyone overnight.
  6. No room to grow in size. You’re limited by the length of the tiny house trailer.
  7. No room to grow in weight. You’re limited by how much your trailer and tow vehicle can handle.
  8. Tiny closet space. Since there’s no more space, when you get something new, something else has to go.
  9. Parking & insurance are difficult to obtain. She has written about how to obtain parking and insurance here.
  10. Other people’s judgements.

You can read more at Jenna’s travel and tiny house experiences at Tiny House Giant Journey. Photo credit to Jenna.



Tiny House Mobile Dentist Office

Here’s a novel idea… a dentist office built inside a tiny house. They move about downtown Dallas, Texas, bringing their office to your office. This makes going to the dentist more convenient and they are still able to provide high quality dental care. Learn more about Nomad Dental. Want to take a closer look? Visit them in their custom built tiny office at the Tiny House & Simple Living Jamboree between August 23rd and 26th, 2018. Photos via the Nomad Dental Instagram page.

Tiny Home Builders Explain What to Look for in a Used Tiny Home

Tom at Tiny Home Builders explains what to look for in a used tiny house. Tom’s been on the tiny house bandwagon for years and has some good tips in the article. In a nutshell he suggests:

  • Get the scoop on who built the home.
  • Find out why it’s for sale.
  • Weight the price carefully.
  • Factor in the features and upgrades.
  • Check out Tiny House Marketplace for used tiny homes.

Some other things to think about:

  • Inspect the trailer. Look at the springs to see how much they are stressed under the weight. For example if the house is sitting on it’s suspension bump stops, that would indicate an overloaded trailer. Also check the hitch for any stamped weight ratings to make sure it matches the weight of the house.
  • Ask how heavy the house is empty and full. This will factor into your tow vehicle needs. Also ask about the tongue weight and if it’s well balanced. Ask if the trailer has breaks and corner jacks – definitely features you’ll want to have.
  • Look at the windows, skylights, and doors for signs of water penetration. Every opening in a wall or roof is an opportunity for rain and ice to penetrate and damage the home.
  • Ask about how the house is constructed and insulated and consider the climate you intend to use the house. Some types of insulation are better suited for extreme climate conditions with spray foam or SIPs (structural insulated panels). If the house has spray foam insulation the roof doesn’t need to be vented, so if it’s not spray foam look for soffit vents to make sure the roof is properly vented.

Read the full article about What to Look for in a Used Tiny Home. Photos are tiny houses currently available for sale at Tiny House Marketplace.

Tiny House Magazine – 4th of July Sale – 20% Off

Since 2013 Kent Griswold has been publishing the Tiny House Magazine – allowing dozens of voices in the tiny house community to be heard. They’ve brought many wonderful stories to life and shared so many stunning images.

To celebrate the 4th of July, Kent is offering 20% off subscriptions to this downloadable online magazine.

Already a subscriber? Give it as a gift to friends and family. It’s a great deal and yet another way to give something more than a boring necktie or a gift card to the local box store. Learn more about Tiny House Magazine and how to get the discount now.


Podcast: Ethan Waldman interviews Michael Janzen

I recently had the opportunity to join Ethan Waldman from The Tiny House on his new podcast. We covered a lot in our 46 minute talk. The questions he asked me were:

  • How long have you been designing tiny houses?
  • How many tiny houses have you designed to date?
  • How many houses have been built based on your plans?
  • What’s your favorite tiny house you’ve designed?
  • What inspired your anchor bay tiny house design?
  • How do you estimate the gross weight and cost of your designs if they haven’t been built?
  • How should a beginner get started designing a tiny house in SketchUp?
  • Discussion on how tiny houses are attached to their trailers
  • Is the tiny house movement a fad or is it sticking around?

To hear the full conversation you can listen to the podcast here:

Tiny House Rental in the Catskill Mountains

Want to spend the night in a tiny house? Here’s a tiny house in Woodridge, New York in the Catskills. It’s 7×18 and nestled in the forest. It’s also a part of a 12-acre fiber farm, so your neighbors are angora rabbits, goats, sheep, and chickens.

The house can sleep up to three guests. It has an open floor plan with a sleeping loft and a day bed. There is also a table with seating for two and a small desk.

Learn more about this Tiny House Rental

Got Tiny House? Enter The Tiny House of the Year Competition

Do you have a tiny house? Proud of what you’ve created? You should enter the 2018 Tiny House of the Year Competition.

Tiny House of the Year is a friendly competition between folks with tiny houses (homes under 500 square feet). It’s free to enter and while there are no cash prizes winners will receive a tiny 3D printed trophy. This year the trophies will be made in metal.

To enter, tiny home owners simply write-up their tiny house story and post photos and videos. Entries will be accepted through October 31, 2018.


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Starting on November 1, 2018, the public will be able to vote on their favorite tiny homes and tiny home features. Voting will end on December 17, 2018 and winners will be selected for Tiny House of the Year in 5 categories. The 5 categories are:

  • Best Front Door
  • Best Kitchen
  • Best Bathroom
  • Best Stairs
  • Best Use of Reclaimed Materials

The overall winner will be crowned Best Tiny House and honored as the overall winner of the competition. Winners in each category will also receive a Unique Tiny Trophy designed by tiny house designer, Michael Janzen.

Pictured here is the 2016 Winner, Ms. Gypsy Soul’s Urban Chic & Fabulous Tiny House.

Tiny House Women Took Their Eco-Friendly Business On The Road

Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen visits with China Rose and AJ Zamora and gets the complete tour of their unique gypsy wagon inspired tiny home. It’s a live-work space where they also run their business, China Rose Wellness.

One of the best space saving features I’ve seen in a tiny house is their floating bed. It lowers from the ceiling via a tow winch motor, pulleys, and cables. The slanted walls help support the bed when its lowered at night for sleep.

In the bathroom is a composting toilet, laundry machine, bathtub and a sink that shares the tubs faucet and folds into bathtub space when the tub is not in use. Great space saving idea!

In their previous they developed some health issues due to mold, so in their tiny home’s construction they used tons of natural materials and low VOC sealants.

For more great tiny house tours like this follow Deek on YouTube. To learn more about China Rose and AJ Zamora visit China Rose Wellness.

Dylan Tours Jenna’s House – Jenna Tours Dylan’s Van

Jenna Spesard & Dylan Magaster have traveled all over North America interviewing folks that live alternative tiny lifestyles. In the two videos below they tour each other’s tiny living spaces.

Jenna lives in a tiny house that she’s traveled in for more than 25,000 miles. She’s currently living in Oregon but spends much of her time these days traveling the world. On her YouTube Channel you can find many (but not exclusively) Tiny House tours and interviews. Subscribe to Tiny House Giant Journey on YouTube.

Dylan lives in a van conversion. The van cost him $2,000 and the DIY conversion was just $3,500. So while his living space is not as comfortable as Jenna’s it gives him the freedom to travel and live the life her wants. On his channel you will find many (but not exclusively) VanLife tours and interviews. Subscribe to Dylan Magaster on YouTube.

Photo at top via Jenna’s interview with Dylan.

Box Truck Film Coming Soon

In a recent how-to video Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen and Alex Eaves give an informal peek at the box truck they are building for the movie, Box Truck Film.

The film is about reuse, and Deek & Alex have teamed-up to convert a used box truck into a tiny house & mobile reuse education center. They’ve already funded a good portion of the film, but it’s not too late to participate in their crowdfunding campaign.

Below Deek & Alex explain the project and how you can help. Photos via Alex Eave’s YouTube Channel.