The Bunkie Premier

Some stats:

  • Double Glass Wall.
  • Optional Configurable Case Goods Wall (options include folding table and chairs, fireplace, drawers, storage cabinets and shelves).
  • Optional Wall Bed.
  • Dimensions: 12-6″W x 8-6″D x 11-6″H

See more of the Premier at The Bunkie Co.

11 thoughts on “The Bunkie Premier”

  1. Larry St Croix

    WOW, sterile, expensive non functional ‘design elements’, total lack of privacy, hard to heat & cool, no toilet. I wouldn’t want to stay in it as a guest room and it is obviously not intended for permanent living. You could buy a lot of nights in a motel for what this costs.

  2. Jane on Whidbey

    No toilet? No way. If they’re keeping it a secret, they shouldn’t.

  3. No rain shelter, that ‘chimney’ shape is going to leak on the inside, its an oven in the summer, no facilities, no shade. This is not a tiny house. If built under a sheltering shed structure it might work as a spare bedroom, but a tiny house it aint. Looks cute, not practical.

  4. Ok…good idea…some parts a little impractical for some areas. For instance, having a lot of windows for light and ventilation is great, but too mich means heat loss in winter, and heat gain in summer. Safety wise, that much glass is dangerous during storms, high winds, a fall that would land someone headlong through it, etc. that much glass is susceptable to vandalism as well. otherwis, I like this design for its simplicity.

      1. Martin Bisson for Lumbec

        The designis interesting. In Canada, a bunkie is meant to be used as a sleeping cabin for guest at a Cottage. This project is not a tiny house. Once that is agreed, there are some very nice feature to the space. If you go on their website, you will see the construction video which is quite innovative in term of construction.

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