The Micro Pod

Internally there is adequate space for a desk, storage and shelving, which can even be built into the pod.

A full height window, glazed door and additional desk height window can be positioned to make the best use of the available natural light and underfloor heating along with recessed spotlights comes as standard.

Despite the smaller dimensions there is no compromise on the quality of building with furniture grade birch plywood reveals to the windows, door and skirtings, and sleek white painted walls.” – The Micro Pod

This home office is available in the UK. Great inspiration for the rest of us. See more at The Micro Pod website.

3 thoughts on “The Micro Pod”

  1. Yet another very nice rendering. Does anyone ever actually build these “designer” tiny houses?


    1. Joy Tatgenhorst

      I have thought that myself. No floor plans just lots of great wide angle shots that don’t show how small these MICRO homes are.

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