Timber Frame Tiny House by Red Lion Workshop

This’ll be a great wee spot to hang out in parked somewhere close to the water or a view… whatever takes your fancy really” – Red Lion Workshop

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3 thoughts on “Timber Frame Tiny House by Red Lion Workshop”

  1. I love the deck with the gate that comes up. We have a Golden Retriever (looks a lot like the one in the pic) and he loves to take off chasing birds etc. and this would be a great way to keep him contained and allow him to be outside.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. The ramp is a great idea, but for energetic dogs a folding side fence is also important.

    Something big dog lovers who want tiny houses might want to consider: take a page out of the dog show world, and invest in four or five exercise pens. They fold flat, and could be stored in a specialized compartment, or bungeed to the front porch when moving the tiny house. Go to any of the big outdoor shows, or even the ones at county fairgrounds, and you’ll see the well-heeled dog fanciers’ RV rigs, with awnings, Easy-Up canopies, and sizable X-pen enclosures. You CAN
    live in a tiny house and keep your big dogs too.

  3. Would like to see more info and some discussion on using 4×4’s in the framing.

    That’s the first one I’ve seen done like that.

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