Tiny House by Spice Box Homes

By using reclaimed materials, passive solar-heating, and efficient appliances, our homes are built to coexist with the environment. We loved finding materials that were unique: wood that nobdy wanted, but that contained incredible colors when polished properly. Little vintage RV stoves that fit perfectly in our tiny space. Reclaimed barn roofing that gave siding style and color, found nowhere else. We thrive on the unique details that go into our tiny homes, because detail is everything to tiny home owners.” – Spice Box Homes

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1 thought on “Tiny House by Spice Box Homes”

  1. Tina M Shelton

    I really love the kitchen, now if you could just tell me it doesn’t have stairs to go to bed it would be heaven. I want a small loft over the bed for a smaller bed for when my grand kids come to spend the night, they can climb the stairs. Thanks for the picture. Tina

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