Casa Cúbica – A Tiny Container Home

Cúbica has designed Casa Cúbica, a compact dwelling built from a 20-foot shipping container. A 20-foot container has just 160 ft2 of space but Cúbica stretches it out with a short extension at one end. They market it mainly as a vacation home that sleeps up to four. However it would also be suited for full-time living by a single person or a couple, being complete with a kitchenette, full bath and even laundry facilities.” – Small House Bliss

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6 thoughts on “Casa Cúbica – A Tiny Container Home

  1. Erik says:

    How much do these sell for? Will they ship them? Where is the company? How much extra does shipping cost, if they do that?

  2. Clark says:

    I’m always amazed at how gorgeous and modern these tiny homes/container homes look. I’d much rather have a small beautiful functional living space like this with each area having a purpose and a great looking design, than having a huge house and feeling ‘obligated’ to fill it with furniture.

    I think the quality of the home is much easier to focus on when you don’t have a ton of excess like 2 dining rooms, etc. And I’ve been in plenty of those enormous houses so I speak from experience- it just doesn’t appeal to me.

    Great pics, thanks for the post!

  3. Monks says:

    i love the shipping container homes but have always been curious on how they manage rain water run off. Any one know?

  4. Giuseppe says:

    Le costruzioni di container sono incredibili e stupende! Io avrei un progetto interessante da sviluppare in Italia. Ma la burocrazia fa perdere la voglia di iniziare!!
    Saluti Giuseppe Mandia

  5. Bharat Ketkar says:

    Shipping container home is a great idea. I am building one here in India. It is cheap, easy, looks great & best of all is it’s Green.

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