Tiny House for a Family of Four

Now, seriously, the world is our backyard…  We don’t have a clue as to where that will be but God seems to have some Master Plan or something going on so well just trust Him and roll with it.” – Kim Kasl

Read and see more about this Tiny House for a Family of Four. Thanks for the tip Kay!

10 thoughts on “Tiny House for a Family of Four

  1. alexis says:

    hi…I want a small home that beds 2, me and my 7 yr old. I am very low income and most tiny houses I view have 1 loft. where could I find a bais 2 bd tiny house at the lower rates? ty…..love ur home.

    • Melissa in Texas says:

      Titan homes offers help with financing, one bedroom tiny homes with a loft, full washer, dryer, kitchen, dishwasher, etc. They will also help you find land.

  2. Todd says:

    Love this tiny home! such great idea’s. Zack really is a master tiny house builder. I saw this episode and the only thing I wonder about these homes is what happens when you kids get older and larger?

    Not knocking it just always wondered that.

  3. Toni Wodiuk says:

    Hi how much are your tiny homes? I’m looking for one for my mom a one bedroom with a loft.

  4. Toni Wodiuk says:

    I’m looking to see how much tiny homes are for my mom. A 1 bedroom with a loft. We live in Pueblo Co.

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