Tiny House for a Family of Four

Now, seriously, the world is our backyard…  We don’t have a clue as to where that will be but God seems to have some Master Plan or something going on so well just trust Him and roll with it.” – Kim Kasl

Read and see more about this Tiny House for a Family of Four. Thanks for the tip Kay!

10 thoughts on “Tiny House for a Family of Four”

  1. hi…I want a small home that beds 2, me and my 7 yr old. I am very low income and most tiny houses I view have 1 loft. where could I find a bais 2 bd tiny house at the lower rates? ty…..love ur home.

    1. Melissa in Texas

      Titan homes offers help with financing, one bedroom tiny homes with a loft, full washer, dryer, kitchen, dishwasher, etc. They will also help you find land.

      1. I would love to find a place in the Houston area. I would appreciate any help you can give.

      2. did not see anything less than 1300 SF on titanhomes website. Am I looking in the wrong place?

  2. Love this tiny home! such great idea’s. Zack really is a master tiny house builder. I saw this episode and the only thing I wonder about these homes is what happens when you kids get older and larger?

    Not knocking it just always wondered that.

  3. Hi how much are your tiny homes? I’m looking for one for my mom a one bedroom with a loft.

  4. I’m looking to see how much tiny homes are for my mom. A 1 bedroom with a loft. We live in Pueblo Co.

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