Does anyone know anything about this tiny house?

The photo was spotted on Pinterest. The caption read, “Passed on a road West of Worcester.” Does anyone know anything about this tiny house, like who built it? It looks incredible! I’d love to see the interior and learn how it was built.

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  1. Lynda Swanson

    If it was in the Pacific Northwest that you saw it, it may be by Zyl Vardos he does really great things with curves. Otherwise, not a clue but very cool.

    1. It’s not a zyl vardos. His are fantastic, but not this one. It’s on the East coast also.

  2. Yesterday I saw this house going north on 91 here in Vermont, just past exit 6!

  3. Write the Dept. Motor Vehicle of the state of the license plate and ask them to forward a letter to the owner for you. OR ask the DMV for the make and model of the trailer.

  4. Rhode Island license plate. Vo’Dylin is a small place, chances are the vehicle could be tracked down fairly easily.

  5. I suspect that the owner enjoys his privacy, a good reason for having a Tiny House. Probably not so cool putting images of his vehicle, house, and license plate up without his consent to be stalked by the masses.

  6. For those worried about the owner’s privacy, the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1994 prevents the state’s DMV from giving out personal information, with only a few exceptions.

    An actress was murdered by her stalker in 1989, and he found her based on information he got from the DMV in California. So we passed a state statute, and it then became a federal statute later.

    So having a license plate number helps if the driver hits you and then speeds off – but not if you want to see inside his house.

    I suspect though that the tiny house grapevine will eventually find this house! Someone will see it at a gas station or truck stop or RV park, and get some info on it and hopefully a few more photos!

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