Tiny House in Plymouth

This tiny house on the banks of the Eel river in Plymouth is less than 400 square feet and has a kitchen, full bath, living room, sleeping loft and screen porch! George Canavan of Plymouth was the builder.” – BF Architects

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25 thoughts on “Tiny House in Plymouth

  1. Anthony Hathaway-Taylor says:

    This house is both charming and adorable. Who could not resist living in this house, with the surroundings that it has?

    ….. when do I pick up the keys?

  2. Debbi Hopkins says:

    I am in love with these tiny houses. Are plans for this one available? The screen porch is a huge plus. Would love to see the floor plans!

    • Michele Clark Powell says:

      <<< Looks like the Prospectors Cabin design bought here for $39.95 along with the other 5 plans!

    • Alice says:

      I think that is a wonderful idea. Look at how many people could be helped if they downsized and especially the homeless veterans. My husband was a Vietnam veteran store and he would have loved for he and I too have had a tiny house but he passed away 6 years ago. Now I would love to have a tiny house for me too. Good luck you are in my prayers.

      • Karla Thompson says:

        I had to say hello…my husband was also a Vietnam Vet, and he died 5 1/2 years ago. I know he would’ve loved the tiny houses too. This one is especially adorable. I can see myself in such a place.

  3. Bill Fornaciari says:

    Hi folks. My name is Bill Fornaciari and I am the architect for this project. This home is purely for summer and does not have heat or a basement. The clients have requested that i maintain their privacy and not publish the interiors or floor plans. I have to respect that.

    • Megan Allen says:

      Dear Mr. Fornaciari,
      Thank you for designing the stunning tiny home. It is very exciting to find a designer
      on the East coast!
      If you are within reasonable distance from Shelton, CT. it would be a joy to
      have you present a program/evening on tiny house design.
      Hopefully this is possible. Let me know.
      M. Allen
      President, Friends of the Shelton Libraries

  4. Bill Fornaciari says:

    Michael, You might want to let folks know about the Tiny House event at Plimoth Plantation the month of December :

    Scroll down the page for all the info!

  5. hunter says:

    Mike, I also think it was one of your designs, to, to similar. love your work and am planning on a build summer 2014 if all works out o.k.

  6. Danni says:

    I love this, but I’m confused. There is a link that states this was to house pumps and has no heat or running water. But this states it has a full bath and kitchen?

  7. Eileen says:

    Please…..can you show the INSIDE! I enjoy seeing the inside of these tiny structures rather than just the outside…..so I can see how everything fits.

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