Tiny House Rental in the Catskill Mountains

Want to spend the night in a tiny house? Here’s a tiny house in Woodridge, New York in the Catskills. It’s 7×18 and nestled in the forest. It’s also a part of a 12-acre fiber farm, so your neighbors are angora rabbits, goats, sheep, and chickens.

The house can sleep up to three guests. It has an open floor plan with a sleeping loft and a day bed. There is also a table with seating for two and a small desk.

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  1. Tinyhousecitizens

    I wish people that build a tiny house would go into more details on the little things like what kind of water heater they chose and the size pump you put in to pump your water to various locations. Those things are important to me because I wish to build my own tiny house.

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