Toyota Prius Turned Tiny House

If there was one single car that defined environmentalism in the first decade of the 21st century, it was the Toyota Prius. It has become synonymous with the word hybrid, and though plenty of people take issue with its sometimes-smug drivers, it also has an avid fanbase that has done some pretty cool stuff to Prii. This includes a young Australian landscaper named James Lawler, who the Herald-Sun reports converted his Prius into a motor home of sorts by building a tiny house where the hatchback used to go, and for just $113 in recycled materials.” –Gas 2

Read more about this Recycled Hawtness: Toyota Prius Turned Tiny House at Gas 2.

2 thoughts on “Toyota Prius Turned Tiny House

  1. Brett says:

    That’s awesome! It just goes to show that a little imagination can do. Who would have thought you could turn a prius into a motor home?

    I would love to see what it looks like inside.

  2. Carol Ethridge says:

    I read a book (I forget the author…sorry) titled “You Can Sleep in Your Car But You Can’t Drive Your House to Work”.
    This little house could change that title!

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