Tracy Metro’s 560 Square Foot Houseboat Tour

A tiny house living story aboard a houseboat.

“Meet Tracy Metro and her lush 560 square foot houseboat that she and her husband live in full-time.”

Read more about Tracy Metro’s 560 Square Foot Houseboat.

3 thoughts on “Tracy Metro’s 560 Square Foot Houseboat Tour

  1. Richard Harris says:

    Your houseboat was designed so fantastic. You made it so inviting and like one I have never seen as an avid boater for 40 years! Great..No…Fantastic, Extraordinary, and Colorful. I love it!

  2. Chuck Arrington says:

    Hey Tracey. Awesome use of space. Beautiful the way you fixed up the houseboat! so creative! Keep the informative videos coming!!

  3. Kim Harrop says:

    Wow its fab! Love your boat and whatever you do you always do it in style ! Big hugs to your lovely dog as well x

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