William Root Set out to Build the Best Tiny House Ever Made

Architecture student William Root built and sold a tiny house over the summer to pay for his next year at school.

“For most students, the reality of the summer is working to pay off their debts. Will realized that working a minimum wage job would pay for a mere two weeks at Pratt. Not content to rely on tips, he opted to think big—big enough to cover an entire year at school. With an entrepreneurial mindset that only the school of hard knocks could teach, he set out to build (and sell) in his words “The best Tiny House ever made.””

via How William Root Spent His Summer Vacation in 160 Square Feet – Core77.

3 thoughts on “William Root Set out to Build the Best Tiny House Ever Made”

  1. This is beautiful, but I imagine those who are wanting to do this would like to know where he obtained the funds? I imagine most people who are anxious to build their own tiny home would like to know how he did it.

  2. Oh YES, this is the tiny house for me! Vertical walls all around. Entrance on the side, fold-out deck and awning. NO useless little prettiporch on the back which wastes 1/6 of the floor. Very well thought out. William used his head instead of pandering to all of the victorian dollhouse fetishers. He might improve aerodynamics by making the front curved, pointed, or by placing a shaped window-box there.

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