A Not So Empty Nest – Michelle’s Tiny House

Fifteen months after Michelle began building her tiny house, initially named ‘My Empty Nest‘, she reports that it is complete. Some little bits and pieces still need attention – like trim, caulking – but Michelle reports the house is done.

It sounds like building her tiny home was a long, yet rewarding adventure. She describes the feeling of being ‘done’ last December (2015). It’s a must read post, so don’t miss it on the My Empty Nest blog.

Since that December post she’s finished a few more importing items, like installing the composting toilet and adding window coverings for privacy.

She starting blogging about her tiny house construction adventure in March of 2014, so if you want to get a taste for what building your own tiny home it like, start there.

I think Michelle’s story will inspire many people. She’s worked hard all her life, had some hard knocks, and yet still found a way to break away from those troubles and build a nurturing place to call home. Congratulations Michelle! … and we love how you’ve filled your home!

4 thoughts on “A Not So Empty Nest – Michelle’s Tiny House”

  1. Is the kitchen sink/cabinet unit one piece? Where did you get it, whichever? FABULOUS!

  2. Very nice…the arrangement of space is unusual, but makes the spaces seem more dedicated to their purpose, like in a typical house with dividing walls. Very clever use of space, it is beautiful. Love the wood touch on the walls in the loft.

  3. Greg westerfield

    I have recently bought a camper that’s 22 feet, only find out I paid 3500 for a rotted cornered camper so I gutted down too frame and in process of building tiny house on frame now. My question is , should I use the camper fuse box that plugs in at a camp site, or should I do my electrical like a house hook up.

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