Bold Design Office Built From Tiny Abandoned Rooftop Elevator Shed

When they discovered a tiny unused room on the roof (it once housed for the building’s elevator engine), they asked for permission to convert it into an office with a view. To keep the budget low, they invited friends to work parties to help convert the 17m2 (183-square-feet) space.” – Kirsten Dirksen

I love the idea of using the floor for transforming the space. Watch Tiny Parisian rooftop office on YouTube. See what Bold Design creates in this small space. Read more at


  1. Very cool. Now they have a rootop space with a view and an outdoor garden of sorts. Much better than being holed up in the old place which is a waste room now.

  2. The mattress in the floor is an idea worth recording. Could be executed very nicely using the raised lid as a place to hang robes or bedclothes, extra bedding. Will remember!

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