Minimalist Living Brings Happiness – See Inside Wayne & Anita’s Tiny House Truck

Wayne and Anita are a wonderful couple who have chosen simplicity over complexity, and freedom over debt and stress. Over six months ago, they made the decision to downsize their life and live permanently on the road in their wonderful tiny house truck.” – Living Big In A Tiny House

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  1. I am presently living this life style only in a manufactured camper van. It is more crowded but every day I find it easier to make spaces for things to remain in perminant locations and you must keep the clutter out. I started in May of 2014 full time in this to follow up on a lifestyle I wrote about and it made so much sence to me that I went for it. I do have more creature comforts having a beautiful shower however, keep the looming Canadian winter in mind and wonder how this is going to work out in a half dry and half wet lifestyle for hygiene. Presently I have dumping stations available so enjoy the comforts. The van surprised me with work availability in that employers do not have to pay or look for living space for me and can send me to remote locations, thus paying me a little more and it certainly helps compensate my pension.
    So far so good but if this works out I will develop a truck I already own similar to what these folkes have. That I know by building it myself will endure Canadian winters. Time will tell. The lifestyle is without a doubt an adventure. It is nice picking the place you want to wake up at and the world is my livingroom. Time will tell and the best of luck to these folks. The inner peace they speak of can be felt in many forms to me they practice it in their essence. I feel it in my being (sounds strange and can hear people thinking, now he has really gon off the nut) in that my tolerance fot things that were eating me up in life have dissipates to nonexistent. Strange but I like it and I also go to many social places now and hear the laughter of children return to music in my ears instead of viewing them as noisy brats. OK, those who have read my nonsensical remarks before can now say this old fool is touched and your right, but in a way I hope you get to experience.

    1. Sorry for the spelling and grammar mistakes which I am known to make anyway but I am commenting via my phone and fat fingers.

  2. Great video as always! I’m loving the lessons! What I didn’t understand is that they said the toilet was in the “shade house”. Did I get that right? What does that mean?

  3. Two things, the wood burner is that a commercial one? Also the stove on the other side is that a spirit stove or propane?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi! have you found out of the brand and where to get it?

  4. I really love how, almost in response to all that cold metal on the outside, they’ve rendered the inside in the opposite fashion, warm, fuzzy and woody.

  5. They sell online and at camp shops this thing called a ‘solar shower bag’ to my mind that is the only thing missing.

  6. sorry new to this and couldn’t finish typing, add: please 🙂

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