Review the Entries to the Tiny House Contest 2014 at Simple Solar Homesteading

LaMar Alexander at Simple Solar Homesteading recently hosted a tiny house design contest and the entries are now available to review. Pictured here is the entry from Ryerson University, the “µ-haus” Micro-House. See all the entries to the Tiny House Contest 2014 at Simple Solar Homesteading.

Below are direct links to the house designs – in the order they were submitted:

  • Robert Merchel House For Cooks and Artists
  • Ryerson University “µ-haus” Micro-House
  • Theodore Ash 10×12 Barn Style Convertable
  • Robyn McKinney Mobile House Design
  • Jim Triplett Aluminum Cargo Container House
  • Jordan Spuck 2532 House
  • Dennis Ringler Tiny Cob House
  • Tyler Rodgers Ty-ny House
  • Bomun Bock-Chung Tiny Solar Tiny House
  • Lauren O’Mally Living Tiny Home
  • CJ’s Tiny Cabin On Wheels
  • Craig Williams House On Wheels
  • Jonathan Filius 14×24 Micro house
  • Evan Vause Tiny Modern House
  • Carl Tourtellotte 8×20 House-On-Wheels
  • Nicole Mason House-On-Wheels
  • Misty Robinson House-On-Wheels
  • Jonathan Marcoux Squared Eco House
  • Joshua Dolan Micro-Max Tire wall House
  • Kris Xaphakdy Steel Tube House
  • Adam Vanderbur 28×14 House
  • Misty Robinson’s Gypsy Wagon Houseboat
  • Christopher O’Baugh Arch Roofed Tiny House
  • Kesler Butler’s Off-Grid Solar House 10ft by 30ft.
  • Dennis Ringler 12×16 Off-Grid House
  • Misty Robinson’s 16×25 Off-Grid House
  • David H. 16×25 Barn Roof Cabin
  • Ammie V. 14×28 Off-Grid house
  • Adam Vanderbur House On Wheels
  • Adam’s 10×14 Cabin With Solar Porch
  • Jayne Henderson 192sqft Tiny Off Grid House Design

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