5 thoughts on “Brittany & Dan Gibeau Explain… How To Build Your Dream Mountain Tiny House”

  1. Very inviting home! You just want to curl up in that little nook and talk, and read, and watch movies, or cuddle! I love the kitchen and the way the loft is paneled from view. This is a really cool tiny house. Congrats!

  2. Btw, any pictures you could add of the bathroom or front area? Thanks!

  3. Do you have to get a license plate and license tabs for these tiny homes if they are pulled like a camper trailer on the road? How do you go about obtaining it properly if it’s needed for road travel? Are there height or length limit requirements? Does your book show how to use and instal solar panels and plumbing? Hot water?

    1. Different folks handle the registration in different ways in different places. Some get their flatbeds registered first, then build. Some get them reregistered as custom trailers after. Ironically as long as height, width, length, weight limits are adhered to the folks at the local DMV seem ok with them (mileage may vary). Typically we never see tiny homes that come anywhere near the length limits (varies per location) but we try to stay under 8.5′ wide and 13.5′ tall. My book only shows floor plans.

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