Kitchen and Bathroom Wagon – Off Grid Portable Home and Yurt

Here is a cabin which I have built on a flat bed, twin axle trailer. It serves as both a transport method and as facilites for a yurt. It has a fully equipped kitchen with oven, hob grill, fridge, sink, as well as a bathroom and a compost toilet, all with hot and cold running water. It is completely Off Grid with a solar array and bottled propane for water heating and cooking along with a wood burning stove for heat.” – Handmade Matt

3 thoughts on “Kitchen and Bathroom Wagon – Off Grid Portable Home and Yurt”

  1. This is what i need to live in, just needs a place for a bed, well i guess i would need somewhere to park it first, my cats would love that, windows, i live in a friends basement, very cold and dark, one window but it is covered for the winter, it would be easier for me to keep clean too which is a ++ , aI wouldn’t have to worry about getting around when my arthritise flairs up, if it was just a little longer a think there would be enough room for a drop down bed.
    Sorry I’m just dreaming on your post, you have done a wonderful job on this, it looks so warm and inviting .

  2. Thanks for sharing. We are living our dream and following our joy and we appreciate so much sharing this with the world.
    Anyone’s welcome to get in touch if there’s anything they want to know.

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