Like any of these tiny house designs?

On Monday June 15, 2015, at 12-noon PST, I’ll be making these 12 new & improved tiny house plans available for $79 for 5 days only. After the sale is over the plans will be available individually for $29 each.” – Tiny House Design

Learn more about the: 12 Plan Bundle – 5 Days – $79 – Sale Starts June 1, 2015 @ Noon Pacific at Tiny House Design

6 thoughts on “Like any of these tiny house designs?”

  1. Steven Richardson

    I like all your tiny house plans.
    I haven’t had time to use the free gambrel roof one I got when I signed up yet, but since my wife wants to buy (buy?!) a pre made kit for a cute chicken coop, I’ll be building it this summer.
    I’d rather hire a carpenter for a couple days and build it myself.

  2. Hello Michael,
    I really like the Gambrel style roof, though I have never built one. I wondered why the tiny houses basically have a Gabel style when as you say there’s more head room in the loft.
    What I would do differently is to have a bathroom on one end, so I could have a 36″ Shower. I would also like plans for 20″ stairs along one side with storage, to house a fridge w/ drawer below and shelf above and opposite the kitchen.
    Having worked as a carpenter, my knees would rather use stairs now.
    I love your plans, I would use the
    Gambrel style roof plans.
    Thank you for your attention to detail.

  3. I do not do lofts. The other problem is weight with big rigs. I want to build my own my layout.

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