Off-Grid Container Home in the Tahoe National Forest

This is a great example of an remote off-grid tiny home. The land is privately owned but surrounded by the Tahoe National Forest at just over 7000-feet deep in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

While shipping containers are heavy and somewhat complicated to retrofit into housing, they make excellent building blocks that can be completed away from the homesite and delivered by truck.

As you can see by the photos below this couple poured four concrete footings, set the lower level container, then the upper container and capped it with a steeply pitched roof to help keep the deep snow off the flat container roof. Photo credit to Denise King.



2 thoughts on “Off-Grid Container Home in the Tahoe National Forest”

  1. Mark A. Ellis

    I think most readers would appreciate more pictures showing what was done with the interior of the containers.

    1. Yes, more information would be most helpful. At least a link taking readers to the details on insulation, off grid retrofitting, etc. Lovely pictures but not helpful to someone actually interested in shipping container living.

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