Want the Kids to Stick Around When You’re Old? Build a Tiny House Family Compound!

I don’t think the parents at My Little Homestead were planning that far ahead – or maybe they were (shhhh) – but by building tiny earthen ‘bedrooms’ with their kids they’ve ended up with their own tiny house community. A cluster of tiny homes like this would make it an easy choice for kids to stick around – or come back home. They would always have a tiny home of their own.

The benefits of this seem endless. Throughout our lives there are times we want independence and there are times we need help. Throughout history families stuck together and supported each other. Communities grew when most families stayed close to home.

In America today it’s rare for families to live together – or even in the same city or state – but the benefits are huge. The family at My Little Homestead moved to the country initially for health reasons – but now I wonder if what they are creating may be a great model for others to follow.

In the video below the facility at My Little Homestead puts some finishing touches on their youngest daughter’s tiny earth bag ‘bedroom’. Shae designed it herself using the video game Minecraft and the family built it together. Soon Shae’s Earthbag Bedroom will be complete. From above it’s laid out in the shape of a heart. It has a sunken bedroom, plenty of space, and a staircase that leads to the roof for star gazing or fun.

To learn more about this family’s story and to see the construction of many of their videos head on over to the My Little Homestead YouTube Channel, read more on My Little Homestead website, and consider supporting them on Patreon.

What do you think? Would you want to move to the country and build a tiny community of your own?


Rainwater Tanks are Full!

Derek & Hannah live in a tiny house in the southern Arizona desert – near St. David (Between Benson and Tombstone). It’s super hot and dry there and they don’t have a well on their tiny house homestead. Instead they have an elaborate rainwater collection system.

But you might wonder… how do you live off rainwater in the desert?  Well… they do get a little rain and a bunch of it comes during the monsoon season (right now). After just a little summer rain in recent weeks their rainwater tanks are completely full and they are adding more tanks.

With enough tank capacity they should do just fine. To learn more visit the DIY Homestead Projects YouTube channel. You’ll find all their tiny house construction videos as well as videos showing the construction of their rainwater collection system.

They also have an amazing solar system, and with Derek’s experience as an electrician – he does a great job of explaining how it powers everything from their air conditioner, to their washer/dryer, to their stove.

Go there now… the DIY Homestead Projects YouTube channel.

The Graham Family Is Raising Funds to Start Their Homestead Project

We have always been interested in sustainable living, self sufficiency, and alternative building materials… We yearn to be out in the woods, living more harmoniously with nature, and providing for our needs right from out of the Earth. We want to take what you give, and build a homestead, centered around a small earth bag roundhouse.” – The Graham Family

Learn more about The Graham Family Homestead Project on Fundly. Follow them on YouTube.

Off The Grid with Les Stroud

Les Stroud, a.k.a Survivor Man, produced this documentary several years ago that records his personal adventure into setting up an off-the-grid homestead in Canada.

The property he buys is 150 acres and has some old farm buildings, one of which he trys to convert into a small 20′ by 20′ cabin before winter. He also sets up a tent cabin that he and his family use as a temporary shelter and also has some help building a small prefab cabin.

It seems that the main lesson learned from this experience is that proper planning and good timing can make a project like this much easier. Although I suspect there was just no avoiding some of the challenges they endured.

All of the segments are currently on YouTube but you can also buy the DVD form his website. Here’s the first part.

Visit YouTube to see the rest…

Coyote Cottage for sale

I was sad to see that the Coyote Cottage is for sale, but then again, I can’t blame the owners for choosing to move back to a more urban place.

I wrote about this remote off-the-grid homestead back in October 2008 on Tiny House Design. If you’re considering a big move back to the land you might want to take a closer look at this little place. Thanks for the tip Eva!

Coyote Cottage