2 thoughts on “Tales of a Tiny Homestead Update”

  1. I really appreciate the way you’ve built the maximum volume within the limited dimensions prescribed by the transportation board. It adds allot to the liveability of this still small footprint. I do wonder about it’s road-worthiness (higher center of gravity) and would want to cable it down where ever it resides. Otherwise, nicely executed. Rich

  2. Hi Rich,
    Actually, since the loft only covers half of the home upstairs, there isn’t much weight up high at all as compared to weight of everything on the lower floor (stove, appliances, shower, couch, kitchen counter and storage, etc).
    We have towed it on test runs a few times now and it seems to handle just fine at highway speeds. Where we live is quite close to the water and the winds get very bad here but we haven’t had any movement at all, so it looks like everything will function well :o)
    It’s been very usable and fun to be living in it, and it’s always rewarding to wake up in a home that you built yourself!

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