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215 Square Foot Apartment Transformed into a Studio Workspace

The workspace is just 20 square meters (215 square feet) in size, but manages to fit in a host of storage options, as well as a hidden bed. The transformable interior is used to house a collection of 2D art pieces dating back to the 1940′s, all the way up to today.” – Niall Read […]

Container Home with a Green Roof in San Antonio

Set in San Antonio, this container home acts as a guest house to a larger residence. Designed by Poteet Architects, the container features a range of sustainable design strategies to reduce its environmental impact and energy consumption.The house is set upon a foundation made from re-purposed telephone poles. The exterior of the container has been […]

Prefab Retreat in The Alps

This amazing survival retreat is set amongst the snow-capped peaks of the Alps. Called “New Refuge Gervasutti”, the “sky high” retreat has been designed by the Italian firm LEAPfactory, a company that specializes in the construction of the modular buildings for extreme environments. The modular design allowed LEAPfactory to prefabricate sections of the structure, which […]

The XXS Next House – 161 Square Feet!

The XXS Next House is just 15 square meters (161 square feet) in size. As always with small spaces and structures, the exterior environment usually plays a part in the design. Next House is no different; it comes with a 10 square meter (108 square foot) decking area, allowing you to make the most of […]

The Hackney Shed

The Hackney Shed can be found in a domestic backyard in Hackney, London. The shed was designed by London-based architecture studio, Office Sian, who were responsible for managing projects budget, schedule and quality. The overall aim was to create a garden workspace and studio that would serve as a “functional and warm urban haven”. The […]

430 Square Feet Restored by Lukas Mayr Architekt

This small building, called Atelier Kitchen Haidacher, is just 40 square meters (or 430 square feet) and has been restored by the Italian architecture studio, Lukas Mayr Architekt. Lukas Mayr was responsible for overseeing the conversion of the building from a small cabin to a showroom. Although considering all its missing is a bed, it […]

The 12.20 House by Alex Nogueira

The 12.20 House by Brazilian architect Alex Nogueria is a modern, metal clad home located in the district of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. The house is just 45 square meters (484 square feet) in size, and is built on a large garden plot which is about 8 times larger than the house itself.” – […]

A Garden Library On A Buget

The entire structure is composed of wood; timber studs provide are used to frame the building, and plywood is used to brace it from the wind while also acting as the interior wall finish. On the inside a secondary frame is tied into the external timber frame, and is used to provide shelving for the […]

A Small Modern Winter Cabin

This small winter cabin is set among the Araucarias and Oak trees of a forest in the ski resort of Corralco, Chile. The cabin is just 48 square meters (516 square feet) in size, and is intended to be used not only as a winter retreat but also as place for observing nature.The architecture firm […]

The Garage by Graypants

Seattle-based design studio, Graypants, were responsible for the reconstruction of what was an old post-World War II garage into the bright, multifunctional space it is today. Simply called “The Garage”, the glass clad building can be found on the south-east island of Seattle, Vashon. The Garage is sited along the shore of the island, and […]

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