The Duck Chalet

My husband, Jeff, and I wanted to share our latest summer side-project that is now for sale – the Duck Chalet! It stemmed from our love for small, intuitively designed, and cost effective dwellings. We are both green home designers and builders here in Northern New York, and lately we have been building smaller and smaller homes with higher energy efficiencies and more attention to the everyday feasibility of the living space to minimize wasted space and energy. A tiny house was right up our alley and the next eventual step in our progression. Ever since the beginning of the movement we have fallen in love with tiny houses, but never had the time to build one.” –Kalie 

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1 thought on “The Duck Chalet”

  1. I like the house but think for transport the roof should fold down and the porch fold up. Just to keep the road crap from building up and impairing usage…..just my preference.

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