The Haggard – A 10’x10′ Owner Built Tiny House

One of my regular readers reports becoming so inspired by tiny houses, that he built one himself! Here’s what Mark said:

“Hi, I’ve been looking at the pictures on the facebook page for a while, and in March I finally started one of my own. This is it so far; it’s called The Haggard. Its floor space is 10ft by 10ft and very nearly ready to move into. Looking at the tiny house facebook page made me want to do this so thanks for making it.” – Mark

Thanks Mark! You’ve done a great job! Can’t wait to see the finished result.

1 thought on “The Haggard – A 10’x10′ Owner Built Tiny House”

  1. I live in Wilmington and would love to come check you’re place out. I’ve been thinking about building a tiny house myself.

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