Tiny House, $1000… Peace in The Deep Woods, Priceless

Deep in the woods of Northern California. Spring water and solar power and scavenged wood and antique portholes from real ships. All for about $1000!” – Tiny House Swoon

See more of this Deep Woods Tiny House

Sorry… I don’t think it’s for sale… it just cost $1000 to build.

11 thoughts on “Tiny House, $1000… Peace in The Deep Woods, Priceless

    • shane holmes says:

      if you only fallow what the politicians do you will be lie throw your teeth constantly manipulating people you call friends and taking bribe to screw the public, do what is Right for you I like the idea of minimal living but its not for everyone

  1. David says:

    Of more people lived like this we would have far fewer career politicians. Let the establishment disintegrate on its own. Who cares what the Bushes and Obamas live in anyhow

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